It’s a nomad’s life

Nomad (noun): [nō-mad]. An individual who roams about (shout out to Merriam-Webster for that token of wisdom)

Commence tangent to explain my cheesy intro: So, I remember back in elementary school when we started learning how to write essays. And they tried to teach us like it was some sort of math formula. All good essays must have: Introduction, three body paragraphs, conclusion. Oh, and sprinkle in a few transition words for good measure. If you could plug and chug this formula, you got an A+. Then, once we mastered that formula, we ventured into the land of actual ~style~. You mean to tell me writing isn’t an equation, but rather requires finesse, creativity, and personal voice?! Time to rejoice, my fellow right-brainers. As we began exploring style, my 3rd grade teacher read a student’s essay to the class because she was thoroughly impressed with the student’s creative introduction. The student opened by quoting the dictionary in reference to a word that would be prevalent in her essay. I was sold. If the teacher considered this to be good writing, my elementary mind would find a way to quote Webster every chance I got. And here we are now..15 odd years later, and I’m finding inspiration from my third-grade mind.

Though it has nothing to do with this post, it’s fun reminiscing about the good old days. I can use that phrase now because I turn old and irrelevant in about two weeks. At 21 you’re legal, at 22, people shower you with attention in the form of a Taylor Swift homage, at one really cares, get over yourself. So here’s to becoming irrelevant on October 3!! Anyhow, let’s venture out of the past and move on to the present/future, which will include some actual context for my ~creative~ intro.

For all intents and purposes, I consider myself a nomad. Pretty sure most of my close friends consider me a nomad as well. This lifestyle is born from a delightful combination of factors including but not limited to:

  • My parents moved from the Chicago suburbs to South Florida two years ago for their jobs. So, I can no longer run to the comfort of my childhood home, but I do still have a strong connection and a great deal of friends and family in that area. But now if I seek refuge in the form of my parents’ love and affection, I must flee to Boca Raton.
  • I have a minor obsession with travel. I feel a persistent urge to discover new places, meet new people, and learn new cultures. You can’t necessarily stay in one place if you hope to accomplish the aforementioned aspirations.

Well, my nomadic inclinations have brought me to quite the array of places since my last post. Let’s review, shall we:

  1. Nashville, Tennessee 
  2. Cincinnati, Ohio 
  3. Chicago, Illinois
  4. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  5. Delray Beach, Florida 
  6. Nassau, Bahamas 
  7. Walt Disney World, Florida

Now we delve into the true purpose of the post: Rachel’s Reflections. Sincerest apologies to my third grade teacher for taking so long to get to my “thesis”. In the interest of time (your time obviously, and not allowing myself to waste it), I will only focus my attention on true points of interest. Only the most exciting tales from the most exciting trips for my riveted readers.


Just doing my due diligence as a tourist

Wow, Nashville really feels like a lifetime ago now, even though it was a mere month and a half ago. This city was seriously awesome (made better by the fact that I got to enjoy it with my boos, Kim and Katie). I wish I had more time to explore, but nevertheless, I was thoroughly impressed. Did you enjoy that lil half-rhyme there? Just tryna lure you in with my wordplay. It was so great because every bar featured live music and didn’t charge cover. And the music was actually great. Aside from the city running rampant with bachelor and bachelorette parties (that we may or may not have crashed), the city itself just had an awesome and inviting vibe, and I would recommend a visit to anyone.

Short break to share my freak of the day moment: As I type, a 40-something man in Starbucks just openly and audibly (as if I were part of the conversation) told his brother to try using a pick up line on me in order to practice hitting on ladies…..I will never run out of questions regarding the daily interactions I find myself in with strangers.


They’re beauty and they’re grace

Moving on. Cincinnati was great as I got to visit my grandparents and reunite with Sophie and Melissa. Prancing around town with these gals was great, but the only noteworthy moment came in the form of a gas station beer tasting. Yes, you read that correctly. Sophie wanted to show off a local beer tasting joint that featured local drafts, which was coincidentally located in a gas station. Whatevs, Melissa and I were on board for beer tasting. However, the classy endeavor devolved into quite the snafu when the gas station attendant asked to see our IDs and proceeded to tell me that mine was fake. LOL. Srsly, LOLOL. It legitimately took me about three times asking if he was being serious to realize he was, in fact, serious. He threatened to call the police, but his scare tactic didn’t work on me. He finally backed down after I showed him three other forms. Note to all bouncers, waiters, and gas station attendants of the world: chances are, any sane human would not risk using a fake ID to sip three small samples of beer in a podunk gas station for $1.

Next, let’s skip ahead and talk about the Bahamas, as this was probably the most lively of all my recent trips. Not fully sure where even to begin because any time you throw two Pruims together, stories abound. I’ll start with our very first day, wherein I managed to get cornrows, be interviewed on national television, and meet new German, Swiss, and Dutch friends.


Screenshot from said interview for national television

We’ve reached the focal point of this post — I’m beginning to understand what people mean when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. For a little context: a reporter approached my brother and me requesting to interview us about our thoughts regarding the impending hurricane. What is to follow is a break down of the above picture, because frankly it poses more questions than it answers:

  • Where did this guy learn to set up a camera? You can barely see my corn rows, sir!! Oh well, I suppose that white chair and single palm tree in the background is more important than your interviewee anyhow.
  • Let’s just take a second to revel in the fact that I AM SPORTING CORN ROWS ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. I repeat, CORN ROWS. So so glad I was looking fresh for my television debut..
  • Rachel Pruim, “Tourist”. Is tourist the best you could’ve done, Weather Nation? Let me provide just a few alternatives that I would have preferred: Vacationer, visitor, traveler, Chicago native, NOMAD. I mean, I guess the corn rows speak for themselves, but I can’t say “tourist” is the descriptor I want America to attach to my name.


Clifton here, stealing the show

It’s important to note that the hurricane never actually arrived, and there was little to no rain during our stay. The rest of our time in paradise consisted of meeting new friends, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, perusing a rum distillery, touring a chocolate factory, indulging on Bahama Mamas and Piña Coladas, and relaxing on beaches. Really cannot complain.


Cheesing with these goons

Lastly, this brings us to my most recent adventure, which was a fun-filled weekend at Disney World. Like a fine wine, Disney simply improves with age. I will never not be giddy as I stroll through Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. My feet became a casualty as we ran around the magic-filled universe that is Disney nonstop from open to close for two days, but it was totally worth it. I must say Epcot still reigns as my favorite (this stems back to that whole wanderlust thing and admiring the World Showcase in all its glory), but I definitely still had a ball everywhere else.

Alright, I’ll rein it in on all the travel tales and bring this post to a close. If you learned nothing else from this post, I hope it was the lesson that you never know when you’ll appear on live heed that lesson next time you decide to get corn rows or get your face painted or something else obscurely bold and flashy. Tomorrow, the travel waves continue to flow (don’t worry, I felt as weird about that analogy as you did). This time, I embark on a day trip to Miami, hooray!

Your braided beauty,